• Swimming and other aquatic activities have been conducted in the City of Adelaide for more than 150 years. 
  • The City Baths were first constructed in 1860 and subsequently rebuilt in 1940 until replaced and relocated in the Park Lands with the Adelaide Swimming Centre in 1969.
  • The introduction of aquatic sports into the Park Lands created a suitable venue in pleasant surroundings for major competitive events. 
  • Late in the 1970’s the need for an all-year-round venue was recognised and following lengthy research; a decision to enclose the Centre was reached. 
  • The Centre was redeveloped as a joint project by Commonwealth, State and Local Governments at a cost of $8.25 million.
  • The Adelaide Aquatic Centre was officially opened on 13 October 1985 by the Federal Minister of Sport and Recreation, the Premier of South Australia and the Lord Mayor of Adelaide.
  • The modern building of a low pyramid form blends into the surroundings of gum and pine trees in such a manner as to conceal the many and varied activities performed within its enclosure.
  • It became apparent from the first full year of operation that the Centre would not be able to meet all of the demands of patrons.  With increased usage by all of the aquatic sports, coupled with greater demand for water space by people seeking to increase their fitness through swimming, a conflict soon occurred between people wishing to use the Centre for recreational purposes and those involved in aquatic sports.
  • In 1989, work commenced on the construction of a leisure facility development comprising a free formed swimming area to complement the existing facility and ease the demand for space at the Centre.
  • The Leisure Pools were officially opened on 25 March 1990 by the then Lord Mayor Steve Condous, during the 150th Anniversary celebrations of the City of Adelaide. This project was fully funded by the City of Adelaide.
  • A new front entrance was completed in December 1993 to create a distinctive focal point for the Centre consistent with its light and airy image.
  • In late 2009 the SA Government in association with the City of Marion and the Australian Government, funded a $100 million project to construct a new State Aquatic and Leisure Centre which could service not only the community but athletes and major events. This allowed the Adelaide Aquatic Centre to become more of a community based leisure facility.
  • In mid-2011 the Adelaide Aquatic Centre underwent a $6 million dollar project to replace the existing roof. This was the start of planned upgrades to reinvigorate the Centre.
  • In late 2013 the Centre received funding to continue its upgrades. This time works will be focused on an upgrade to the leisure pools, retiling of the 50 metre pool along with the addition of accessible ramps and lifts. There will also be an upgrade to water filtration and heating equipment in an effort to improve the energy and water efficiency of the Centre and reduce running costs. These works will commence in April 2014.