Spa / Sauna / Steam Room

This therapeutic area is the perfect place to relax after a workout in the pool, Fitness Centre or one of our popular Group Fitness classes.  You can relax in our sauna or European style steam room or why not try one of our 14 person spas.

This area is for adults only and we employ the strictest measures to ensure high standards of safety and hygiene are maintained.

The Steam Room was imported from Sweden and has an inbuilt automatic cleaning and disinfection system guaranteeing a hygienic environment.  The Steam Room seats 28 people and its set point is 45°C.

The Sauna is constructed from western red cedar and seats approximately 30 people.  It is a dry air sauna which does not require water to be added to hot rocks.  The temperature is maintained at 75°C.

Use of this area is included in general admission fees for adults only.

Patrons are asked to vacate all pools (including our spa & sauna area) 15 minutes prior to closing time.