3D Body Scan Analysis

Get your body 3D scanned for quick, accurate and effective results tracking

The Fit3D service is a complete, private and confidential scan by one of our trained staff members. Using Fit 3D ProScanner technology, our experts will generate you a complete 360 model of your body for analysis.

A complete measurement only takes 40 seconds. Once you've got your data, you can use it to plan your schedule to set you health, weight loss, or strength targets.

How does it work?

  • Meet with our staff, and log in with your secure account information, provided by us
  • Stand on the Fit3D ProScanner device
  • The Fit3D ProScanner captures a full 360 model of your body
  • The Fit3D System then automatically extracts hundreds of circumference, height, volume, and length measurements
  • Once processed, you will receive an emailed report with your 3D image, measurements, as well as wellness trends
  • You can log in to http://www.fit3d.com at any time to interact with your 3D body scans, measurements, as well as add or edit additional wellness assessment data


  • Free Scans for 6 & 12 month members (initial, 1 month, 6 month and 12 month)
  • $30: 1 month & 3 month members
  • $60: Non-members

Scans are by appointment only. Get in contact now.

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