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We provide you the tools for losing weight, getting fit and improving wellbeing.

Our Personal Trainers will motivate you to meet your goals. With tailored-exercise plans, you'll improve your technique and improve your life. And your trainer will be there every step of the way.

Plus, they can develop programs to deal with injuries and medical problems. This will aid recovery and put you on the path to health..

You can also bring a friend and work out together to increase your fitness and strength, lose weight or tone up.

Each session provides you with indoor and outdoor exercises. It's lots of fun and is suitable for all fitness levels.

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Personal Trainer – Jessica Mcleay

Jess promotes a hard-working, yet fun environment and is passionate about helping her clients reach their fitness and nutrition goals.

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"I’ve been training with Jess for the last 9 months and have loved every minute of it. After being a long time treadmill user I decided to change my work outs and started training with Jess. Jess is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness, not just with exercising but ways to improve your health and well-being from a holistic point of view. She both challenges me, supports me and always has an ear to listen to anything else that has been happening in my week or answer my questions about exercise and nutrition. My sessions with Jess are my favourite part of the week and I leave every one of them feeling motivated to be the best version of me possible." – Alice

"I have been training with Jess for nearly two years and it has been the most rewarding experience for me. I really struggle to stick to one exercise regime because I find it hard to get motivated. Ever since I started with Jess I have been motivated and excited to exercise! I really enjoy the variety that each session offers and this always keeps me interested. I also find that Jess gives great feedback in terms of technique and also goes out of her way to offer great eating / meal plans and food intake suggestions."– Kate

"Before training with Jess I had never been a morning person. Now I jump out of bed as she makes each session enjoyable yet challenging at the same time. I feel my personal fitness, strength and health has improved considerably since training with Jess." – Bec

Personal Trainer – Rhys Menzel

Rhys is passionate about helping people have healthy bodies, minds and souls.

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"A truly outstanding and intuitive personal trainer. Rhys is energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and very easy to feel very comfortable with. Since starting regular PT sessions with Rhys, I have felt motivated, more accountable and have seen measurable results in my target areas. I highly recommend Rhys to anyone that is seeking a targeted and holistic approach to wellness and their fitness goals." – Peta

"Without a doubt the best teacher, both technically and morally, I’ve ever come across. He is knowledgeable, personable, and loving, with a holistic approach to training that I believe puts him in a different sphere to other trainers. If you’re looking to not only improve your physical qualities but your attitude toward wellbeing, I am confident in recommending Rhys as a trainer, teacher and friend." – Henry