Wellbeing Month

Celebrate Wellbeing Month at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre!

October is Wellbeing Month, a chance to celebrate and look after your wellbeing through a range of in person and online activities and events. This October, try and achieve all ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, including Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice, Give and Connect. 

Wellbeing Month is proudly presented by City of Adelaide. Find out more here.

Look after your wellbeing at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre


Get a 7-day trial membership!

Interested in joining a gym but not sure what to expect? Our 7-day trial membership for Wellbeing Month gives you a taste of the benefits our members have every day. The trial pass will give you unlimited access to our pools, gym and group fitness classes.

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Fitness Classes

Join a fitness class and get your body moving! Being active is a great way to improve your mood and our fitness classes give you a chance to connect with other people.

With 14 classes to choose from, there is something for everyone! Find out more here.

View the October Fitness Class Timetable

Fitness classes

Body scan

Discounted FIT3D Scans

A 3D body scan gives you a 360° model of your body using a camera to project infrared light (like a scatter of dots you can't see – but clear as day to the camera) onto your body.

A complete scan takes 40 seconds. Once you've got your data, you can use it to set your health, weight loss, or strength targets. Book your discounted scan for $30 today!