Less Energy, More Fun

As a big user of electricity and gas it has made sense to invest in making the Adelaide Aquatic Centre much more efficient. With help from the Australian Government we researched the best approaches, systems and infrastructure to support every day and long term energy efficiency improvements. 

The Aquatic Centre once used more energy than the Adelaide Central Markets, Town Hall and the five U-Parks combined.

Taking Action On Climate Change

Climate change is a big issue for everyone. Real leadership and transformative approaches to ‘decarbonising’ our lives are vital to ensure we can all be part of the solution. We have made some big changes here at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

City of Adelaide is proud to have reduced our carbon emissions by more than 60% since 1994.

  • Smart systems, big savings

Our building management system controls energy and water use based on how people use the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. It also helps us get the very best out of world-class equipment

  • Recycling warm air cuts emissions

The Adelaide Aquatic Centre used to be difficult to keep comfortable. Thanks for our clever heating and ventilation system upgrade, we now redirect warm air that rises high into the roof space to spots around the pools that used to be too chilly. This means we heat much less air than we used to, saving a lot on energy

  • Pool Blankets

We used to lose a lot of heat from the pools overnight. The extra evaporation also made hard work for our ventilations systems. Now with special insulated pool blankets (look for the big blue rolls) we are seeing huge energy savings on heating water and air conditioning. The cosier it is, the more fun the Adelaide Aquatic Centre can be

  • Warm water is a hot topic for us

When we were looking for the best ways to cut our carbon emissions, our search led us to invest in a special Australian-made gas-fired boiler. As well as being a real efficiency upgrade on the 20 year old systems we had, this one is so clever it heats water with its own exhaust gas.

Look out for the orange information stand to find out how you too can save energy at work or home.

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