Corporate Gym Membership

Improve the health and productivity of your company's people

Picture this: It's 3pm. You're on your third coffee and the boss has just put another stack of invoices on your desk.

The clock hands look like they haven't moved, and as you peek up from your screen, you can see Facebook on at least five other desktops around the office.

What happened to that 10am energy?

It's easy to feel like your soul has been sucked away as you spend more and more time in the office. But that won't get your important work done. And that won't make the lives of your customers better.

So how do you give your office that spark? By ensuring that everyone's brain and body is looked after – with a corporate gym membership

By improving the health of your team, you get:

  • Higher productivity due to less fatigue
  • A more vibrant attitude to customers and co workers
  • Less sick days and workplace injuries due to better health

That's why lots of local businesses are investing huge resources into the health and wellbeing of their employees. Plus, it increases profits and improves the bottom line (crack open the champagne, finance guys!)

“I’ve noticed I have more energy and highly recommend it for anyone that wants to improve their health, fitness or general wellbeing."

– Participant, Fulton Hogan

So how does it work?

When you sign up 5+ as members, everyone in your organisation will save 15% off their membership. You can see the comparison right here:

Standard Direct Debit (Fortnight)Corporate Membership – One Time Payment
Adult$33.19$735.25 (save 15%)
Concession$29.58$641.75 (save 15%)

Whether you want to treat high-performing employees, or extend the love to the whole floor, have a chat with us about locking in your team.

But make sure you lock in quick – we only have a limited number of placements, and these promise to get snatched up fast.

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