Corporate Events

Only good memories to last a lifetime

You know the standard office party horror stories. You and your work mates get together. You invite your family. And then you get to the venue...

The decorations are falling off the wall, the pizza is cold, and you have to hide from your boss who's desperate to practice his keynote (loudly!) after his fifth beer.

Your family deserves better.

They deserve somewhere fun, suitable for the kids, with space for them to play. And so does your team. Somewhere low-pressure and relaxed.

That’s why corporate events at Adelaide Aquatic Centre work.

Proudly South Australian owned and operated, we take the pain out of office parties: whether they be Christmas dos, charity events, or fun team days. And with space for service of up to 75 people – bringing the family is a pleasure.

We keep your guests fed and satisfied (no angry mobs in sight – and none of the shame of hunger-queuing in the KFC drive through after the event). Because let’s face it: you don’t want to go down in office lore as the person who ran out of food before the first speech.

Skip the boring and go straight to the fun.

No hours spent cleaning-up after. No forced karaoke. No truth or dare. No embarrassing stories pulled from a hat and getting your colleagues to guess who (yes, these are all true!). 

Just simple family-friendly fun for the whole afternoon. Best of all: it's great value (keep finance happy!)

Dates book up early – especially around the holiday season – so enquire today. Trust us, you will be disappointed if you miss out because you didn't 'dive in' soon enough.

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