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Ask any Olympic swimmer what got them to where they are, and you’ll get the answer: joined the swim squad.

Almost all professional swim stars got to where they are now by investing their time at a young age to be the best that they could be.

In Squad, your child builds on their foundational skills all year round to grow – not only as a swimmer, but as a person.

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Your child will learn the tips and tricks to:

  • Dramatically increase their speed and distance in the water
  • Refine their swimming technique to best use their energy each stroke
  • Smash their personal bests and set new records
  • Iron out the issues in their dives, turn and finishes.
  • Improve their health, stamina, and fitness and build their safety skills in and around the water

"Nutrition. Teamwork. Discipline. Focus. Achievement. Time in the pool taught me far more than time in the classroom"

– Nancy Chen

Your child will join a tight-knit group of high-achieving peers.

When you start early towards your goals, you build the foundations of success. The skills and friendships that your child builds in squad will last a lifetime and give them fond memories to look back on as they succeed through life.

Our trainers are all experienced swimmers and have a long history of teaching competitive swimmers.

So get started today.

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PS: Give your child the leg up on life. Squad helps turn those dreams into reality.

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