Swim School for Babies

Give your baby the skills to be safe around the water

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You know that kids should learn to swim.

But the key question is: when should they start?

A survey of Australian pediatricians revealed that children can safely take swim lessons from a few months old. Likewise, Justin Scarr, CEO of Royal Life Saving Society Australia, recommended that kids should start swimming lessons before they hit school.

So join us here at Adelaide Aquatic Centre and learn skills for life.

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"Children who participate in swim lessons have an 88 percent reduced risk of drowning"

– National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Start here, right now, at your local Adelaide Aquatic Centre. 

You and your young one will be treated to hands-on classes that use songs, toys and games to make learning to swim fun. In your classes, your baby will learn:

  • How to get used to the water and be more confident.
  • The basic techniques to rolling, floating, and putting their face under
  • How to use their new muscles to move in the water
  • How to safely get in and out of the pool
  • How to relate to adults in a brand new – and exciting – environment

All classes are held in our Leisure Pool which is heated year-round to 31°C to keep you comfortable.

Learn the basics in a step-by-step system

Over the past three decades, we've helped thousands of young children develop their skills, and set on the path to become strong, capable swimmers.

There are three levels in our Swim School for babies. The first two involve both you and your child. The third is a move into independent lessons – where they learn to swim without you in the pool. 

The three levels are as follows.




Join new parents who are all helping their children.

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No pre-assessments. No sign-up fees. No hidden costs.

These fun and interactive classes are a great way for parents to bond with their little ones while introducing them to the water. Plus, your child can come and enjoy the pools for FREE anytime during the week.

Babies can start from as young as six months old and classes are just $22.

Simply hit the button below and within 72 hours our friendly staff will:

  1. Give you the key details you need to attend
  2. Guide you through some quick (but important) paperwork
  3. Get them into a class to start learning

Make sure you book in quick – there’s only a limited number of spots to ensure your baby gets enough one-on-one time to develop their skills.

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(or give us a call on 8203 7665)

PS: Swimming lessons are one of the safest and best investments you can make. Nothing could be more precious or important than your child’s safety.