Group Fitness Classes

If you enjoy keeping fit in a group atmosphere, you will love our popular land and water-based group fitness classes.

Our exciting classes, such as Deep Water Aqua-aerobics, yoga, H.I.I.T, Core Muscles and more, are designed to inspire and challenge the body, mind and soul. We have classes suitable for all abilities and age groups.

Group Fitness Timetable

Some of our classes include:

Yoga-lates – A Yoga/Pilates fusion class combining the best of both practices! We twist, flex and extend whislt performing movements on our front, back and side as well as incoporating inverted positions. Segments focus on activating the core muscles, buttocks and lower back. There are also moments of reflection, gentle inspiration, working with the breath and meditation. A great way to start the day.

Intensive Boot Camp – Intensive training session that combines cardiovascular fitness with resistance and strength training. Participants will work individually as well as in teams as they run, jump, crawl and punch their way through 45 minutes of heavy challenges. Please note: prior to participating in this class you must complete a pre-assessment with our Fitness Centre staff.

Hydroblast-deep water – Using a buoyancy belt, our deep water aqua-aerobics program provides a constant level of water resistance ideal for toning and sculpting the body. As there is no impact, the workout provides overall fitness, core strength and posture.

Hydroblast-shallow water – A controlled, low-impact workout that will not strain the weight-bearing joints or the back. Easy-to-follow moves in shallow water, combining cardio, fat burning and total body toning. It is suitable for the beginner up to advanced participants.

 H.I.I.T (High Intensive Interval Training) – Get your heart rate up with high intensity workouts done on interval times. High energy to increase your fitness, burn calories and get results!

Tone & Shape – Sculpt your body by alternating between upper and lower-body workouts, along with abdominal, back, waist and glute sections. Moderate to high intensity.

Yoga – A fantastic activity for unblocking energy channels. Will help activate your body and mind and give you postures that are proven to work each muscle, joint and ligament in the body. It will also help stimulate and nourish every cell for optimum health.

Pilates – Build strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with our Pilates class. You'll improve overall strength, realign your body and become more flexible while upgrading your core strength and aligning your spine into better posture.

Core Muscles – Strengthen your core muscles that support and stabilize your spine, back and hips. Helps to improve posture whilst toning and increasing flexibility.

Body Bar – Barbell resistance training at different tempos to give you an awesome cross training option.  Shape up, tone up and feel great!

Firm and Flex – A class designed to improve your strength and flexibility incorporating Pilates style floor exercises.

Boxfit  Gain upper body strength, core strength, improve your lean muscle mass, improve your cardiovascular fitness and achieve postural improvements all at the same time. Boxfit classes are great for all ages and fitness levels in fun and friendly environment. 

Hydro H.I.I.T. – An energetic shallow water workout. 45 minutes of cardio, boxing, boot camp and interval moves using the water as resistance. An effective way to get you fit and toned with the lowest possible impact on your body. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Metafit – An intense H.I.I.T. style class focused on boosting fitness, increasing energy levels and getting results in a short amount of time. Increase your body’s fat burning ability and resting metabolic rate; Metafit is a tough workout that combines the latest training techniques with traditional bodyweight exercises to set your metabolism on fire.

Please see a staff member or call our Customer Service team on 8203 7665 to sign up now as all classes are included in your membership. Refer to our General Admission Fees page for casual entry prices.