As we begin to reopen due to COVID-19, the cafe currently remains closed. Drinks and small snacks can be purchased from reception.

Enjoy a snack after a swim

Your body is like a finely-tuned engine, and it needs the right fuel to keep going.

From your early morning pick-me-up cappuccino right through to a baguette lunch – satisfy your cravings at our on-site café. Or grab a pre-made protein ball, energy bar, or salad to go.

What's on the menu?

Take a gander at our Cafe Menu.

Where can I eat?

Sit and linger at our wood-topped stainless-steel tables and have a laugh with friends while your kids play in the enclosed play area after eating their chips and nuggets.

You can take your café food through the Centre to our special eating areas (you don’t want food getting in the pool). These are:

  • At the shallow end of the 50m pool
  • Grandstands
  • Courtyards

Opening Hours

Public Holidays7.00am–4.30pm

Cafe may close early – particularly on quiet days.