Child Minding

Get some 'you time' while we take care of the kids

It's hard work being a parent. Long hours, no pay, and nights without a moment's shut-eye. When you're in the thick of it, taking a moment for yourself seems nigh impossible.

But like an oxygen mask on a failing aeroplane: you need to take care of yourself first. So it’s important to stay in shape and get the mental space you need to stay sane and functional.

With our free child-minding service for members, drop-off the kids and get a little 'you time' back in your schedule. Go for a workout, relax in the spa, or join a yoga class to meet other people. It can be nice to talk to adults for a change.

    4 quick steps to booking some personal time

    1.  Head to the booking page using the button below
    2. 'Select a Date' with the button, then click 'Register'
    3. Choose 'baby' (for kids under 2) or 'pre-school / school student' (for kids 2 and over)
    4. If you are logged in, continue to confirmation. If not, log in or register, and continue to confirmation.

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    What's On at the Creche - May 2022

    Favourite book read
    Monday 2 May, Wednesday 4 May & Friday 6 May

    Show and tell: favourite sports item
    Monday 9 May & Thursday 12 May

    Bring your favourite food
    Monday 16 May, Wednesday 18 May & Friday 20 May

    Play your favourite game
    Tuesday 24 May & Thursday 26 May

    More information

    Yes, this service is just for members. You're welcome to join us.

    Our creche for child-minding can be found at the back of the Centre. You can see it straight ahead when you enter into the main section of the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. Walk straight between our dive and main pool and you will see the double doors of our creche at the back.

    The creche can be used Monday to Friday: 9.00am–12.00pm (excluding public holidays) for one hour.

    We offer three sessions per day:

    • 9:00am–10:00am
    • 10:00am–11:00am
    • 11:00am–12noon

    You can book 7 days in advance.

    We can take kids from newborns all the way up to children aged ten.

    Thanks for asking. Cancellations are important so we are not left wondering what may have happened to your child.

    You must make your cancellation before 8.15am the day of your booking. You can cancel with the following steps:

    • 1. Log onto your Eventbrite account
    • 2. Go to ‘Tickets’ in top right-hand drop-down menu and select your booking
    • 3. Select 'Cancel Order', then select ‘yes, cancel this order’

    If you have more than one child booked under that booking, all bookings will be cancelled. To cancel just one child’s booking and not the other, you will need to rebook the child you would like to keep the booking for.

    That's ok. But we have a “three strikes” policy, as we used to have people just not show up for weeks on end.

    If you don’t show up, and don't cancel, three times, you will have a one month ban on creche bookings. Your child can still attend, but we can't guarantee there will be space when you arrive.

    Yes, however we use the bookings to make sure there is enough staff. If there's not enough staff, your child won't be able to attend.

    • You must fill out a registration form for your child when you first visit, and sign in and out each time
    • Your children should be ready for creche when they arrive i.e. fed and changed or toileted
    • All personal items, like food, drinks and dummies, must be named and tagged
    • Don't bring nut products, chocolates, lollies or chips – we're big on safety and allergies are a real concern
    • To keep the kids safe, keep the door locked once you enter or exit the room
    • Let us know where you will likely be in the Centre, in case there's an emergency
    • Stay in the Centre while your child is in creche (going outside with one of our group fitness classes is ok)