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Unlock the secrets to lose weight and stay in shape with your own personal trainer

When you're tucked up in bed on a cold winter morning, it can be hard to find the motivation to hit the gym.

That's why, when you work out, you need someone there to egg you on, drive you to success, and give you the skills you need to triumph.

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Meet your Personal Trainer – Ben O'Hagan

Ben has a passion for helping people achieve their goals in a fun yet challenging way with intelligent training and nutrition solutions to cater for every lifestyle. 

He is committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Ben is motivated by and passionate about his clients achieving results and improving their life.

Ben is a Certificate IV Personal Trainer, with specialties in strength and conditioning, bodybuilding and nutritional guidance. Areas of focus include small group training, weight loss and body transformation.

Ben O Hagan Personal Training profile

What people are saying about Ben

"Ben is an incredibly diligent trainer who takes as much pride in your results as you will. He always managed to keep me motivated when I was ready to quit, but did it in the most sincere way possible and never made me feel inadequate or weak - merely praised me for my achievements and shared my joy. I lost about 28kg with Ben over 9 months and completed a gruelling 8 week challenge with his guidance and support. Highly recommend"

– Iris

"So happy to have such a knowledgeable and friendly PT as Ben. Even though I'm already down 27 KGS and pretty much where I want to be, I'll keep coming back each week to help maintain, and keep learning more exercises!"

– Luke

"After trying many different things and many different ways to improve my health and fitness, I am pleased to say that Ben has been incredibly supportive and encouraging. Although my progress may seem slow visually, I feel that I am becoming so much fitter and really enjoying exercise. Ben is very professional and genuine, and has a healthy level of good humour. I am very grateful for his patience and willingness to challenge me."

– Suzanne

With personal training: you don't have to face it alone

Your trainer is there to support you every step of the way. 

No level of experience needed. Places are limited – so enquire now and get started on your fitness journey.

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