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Meet your Personal Trainer
Alex Barone

Alex believes that exercise should be something to look forward to if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

He is a highly experienced personal trainer with a passion for training and, more importantly, helping clients achieve their goals. Alex is motivated by and passionate about his clients achieving results and improving their life.

Alex is a Certificate IV Personal Trainer, with specialties in lifting techniques, circuit training, Olympic lifting and strength & conditioning. Areas of focus include small group training, functional training and strength training principles.

Tim atkins profile

Meet your Personal Trainer
Tim Atkins

Tim believes structural and educational supportive training is the key to long lasting success. Tim’s specially developed fitness systems have proven that with the right information, assessment and support, you can achieve all your fitness goals.

Tim has a diploma of Fitness and a Master Trainer with over 13 years of extensive experience. Tim is an expert in injury rehabilitation, strength conditioning, sports specific, health & wellness management, long term program design. Your personalised consult is inclusive of goal setting, movement analysis, program design and ongoing support structures.

What people are saying about Tim

"Why I love training with Tim. I started training with Tim after a long period of knee pain that had prevented me from doing certain exercises. We literally started from scratch as if I had never trained legs before. His knowledge, understanding and experience has progressed me to squatting 60kg pain free. Tim’s ability to break the technique down so you can understand the movement and the muscles to engage effectively is incredible. I can’t speak highly enough about this man, if you truly want to change your body in a safe, sustainable way contact Tim and you will never look back."

– Georgia

What people are saying about Tim

"Training and rehabilitation with Tim have been a journey that has changed the way we hold ourselves and move throughout our days. The depth of his understanding and ability to fine tune movements has enabled us to become the strongest, most stable version of ourselves. His patience, dedication and commitment to his clients makes him invaluable as a health professional."

– Tania & Brooke

What people are saying about Tim

"Tim is passionate about fitness, and it shows through with the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. Tim’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting is what I love the most. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.Tim is by far the best trainer I have had!"

– Kim

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