Swimming is for everyone

No matter what your level of skill and ability – the pool should be a fun place for everyone.

That's why we work with the City of Adelaide Access and Inclusion Advisory Panel to make swimming accessible for you and your loved ones.


Our staff are professionally trained in accessibility to make your visit safer and more enjoyable.

At the entrance, we have automatic doors to get into the pool area and our changerooms in the main foyer.

To help you get into the pool, there is a ramp for the Main Pool, as well as two accessible lifts into our Leisure Pool.

Our Adult Change Facility is safe and secure, and can be entered with a swipe card that you can collect from the front desk. It sits next to the female changeroom, in the main foyer. It has equipment to help people with severe or profound disabilities, including:

  • Changing bench – Adult-sized and height-adjustable for easy use
  • Support station – Designed to hold a person's weight and eliminate heavy lifting for caregivers
  • Ceiling-mounted hoist – Built to gently move a person into position for changing and showering

The hoist can only be used on people under 270kg. Only carers, or the person being hoisted, should use the hoist.

For safety, you must bring your own sling, and our staff cannot give additional support with the hoist. There is also an emergency button if you need to contact our team.

Blind or Vision Impairment

Signs marking the Adelaide Aquatic Centre are large and can be seen at a distance.

Staff have been trained in the rules of the centre, and are happy to walk you through them.

We also have a large print menu at the cafe, created in line with Royal Society for the Blind recommendations for font size and style. You can get one from the cafe.

Our warning system uses a loud alarm system, which can be heard all throughout the centre. Lifeguards also have whistles for more personal contact.

Deaf or Hearing Impairment

All important rules can be found written on signs at the Centre. In an emergency, staff are trained to muster all people in the Centre to a safe location.

Mobility Scooter

If you have a Mobility Scooter, the Centre is a recognised “Recharge Point”. 

We work with Recharge Scheme Australia to make this happen.

For more information, please visit www.rechargescheme.org.au.

Supporting Others as a Companion

Companion card h220
We support the Companion Card program.

For companions of people with a disability, entry to the Centre is FREE.

Determined2 Immersion Therapy

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Offering the freedom of movement within the weightless environment of underwater using SCUBA equipment, Immersion Therapy is an inclusive service that can assist a person with a disability, injury or illness in achieving their physical, psychological and social goals. The service aims to assist with improving mobility, muscle strengthening & conditioning, increase confidence & self esteem, improve health & wellbeing, increase community participation and improve relationships & social skills.

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Determined2 operate their Immersion Therapy at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. For more information on Determined2's Immersion Therapy, visit their website.