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The secret tactic to give your team the edge they need to beat the competition

Pool recovery workouts have been popular with elite athletes for years for one simple reason – they work. And pool training is popular for the same reason – it gets results.

Since water provides resistance from all angles, exercising presents a different challenge than working out on dry land. After all, it’s harder to slog the length of a pool than it is to sprint through air.

Performing recovery in a pool reduces soreness, flushes out lactic acid and prevents a drop-off in performance. And now, like those elite athletes, your team can reap the same benefits.

We have two great options for working with your team:

  • Recovery sessions: your team gets full access to the pools and a FREE personalised 3D body scan.
  • Training sessions: run red-hot for 45 minutes. After the session, enjoy FREE use of the pools for extra active recovery + FREE gym access passes.

We've worked with sports clubs for decades to give them the best in training and support. Just ask the Parra Hills West Soccer Club.

"Thank you for exceptional customer service. Nothing was too hard – from booking through to working out a session. Instructor was excellent and very professional. A good work out in a friendly, clean and safe environment. We've booked in another!"

Mike Iacovino, Senior Coach for the Para Hills West Soccer Club

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Our pools are comfortably heated to 27°C, so team training and recovery can happen all year round. Lock in a session of team recovery or team training.

Team Recovery (min. 10 people)$20.00 per person
Junior Team Training (min. 20 people)$13.50 per person
Senior Team Training (min. 20 people)$16.50 per person

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