Fitness Classes

Adelaide Aquatic Centre fitness classes are now open for Centre Members.

Stage one of our re-opening has begun and we are excited to welcome back Centre Members, as well as our multi-visit pass holders. 


With the lifting of restrictions and after thorough testing of our safety policies and procedure, Adelaide Aquatic Centre reopens to the public Monday 17 August.

To adjust to social distancing requirements, there is no recreational swimming (i.e. play swimming). This also means there is no access to the leisure pool.


Take the stress out of planning a routine with our group fitness classes

Organising a regular gym routine takes a lot of work. Working out sets, reps, how much weight to add, how far to run... it can take its toll on your brain.

So lock in the option that takes all the planning out of your health – group fitness classes.

Here's why you should join us.

Here at your local Adelaide Aquatic Centre, you get your choice of 14 classes with trained professional to keep you motivated towards your fitness goals.

We know that a healthy balance looks different for each person. We’ll never promote extremes, deprivation, fads, diets, or body shaming. Our team our trained to be a positive cheerleader for you, and your personal goals.

You’ll make sustainable changes that will help you achieve YOUR OWN ideal balance. Not just awesome classes, but the motivation and education to feed that through into your entire lifestyle.

Group classes let you fall in love with exercise. HIIT training is filled with a stack of variety, fast moving drills with mini rests, with a focus on functional full body training; whereas Yoga takes things down a notch and helps you become more flexible and confident. Every class will be different and the hour will fly by.

You don’t need to be fit to start, you can start where you are now. Our members are all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. We’ll tailor the sessions to suit your current fitness level so you’ll feel perfectly challenged but never overwhelmed or demotivated.

"Classes are the best part of my week. I get a great work out and they are a lot of fun"

Join a class today

Don't waste any more time with macro calculators and weight lifting spreadsheets. Get personal advice and benchmarking to stay committed to your goals.

Person Price
Members FREE
Adult $21.00
Concession $17.00
10x Visits Adults $189.00
10x Visits Concession $153.00
30x Visits Adults $504.00
30x Visits Concession $408.00

Check out the schedule now

Body Bar

Boot Camp

Combat Fit

Core Muscles

Firm and Flex

Hydro H.I.I.T.

Hydroblast-deep water

Hydroblast-shallow water



Tone & Shape