Level Two of the Swim School for Kids program.

There are seven levels in our Swim School for Kids

As your child's skills grow, they move through the ranks, tackling bigger and better challenges, and growing their confidence in the water.

In Octopus, your child will learn important skills to:

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  • Swim 10m freestyle with bilateral breathing without swimming aids
  • Swim 10m backstroke without swimming aids
  • Scull 10m head-first on back without swimming aids
  • Float 20 seconds motionless without swimming aids
  • Perform a slide-in entry and safe exit
  • Signal for help by raising one hand
  • Discuss water safety
  • Experience practical components of somersaults

Once your child has mastered these skills, they move into Seals.

Fun Facts about Octopus

Their bodies form a torpedo like shape to slice through the water by squirting jets of water from its body. It draws water into its body cavity then forces it out from a tube under its head – this is called jet propulsion.

Octopus can be found in almost all South Australian marine parks, particularly around jetties.

Octopus are molluscs.

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