Gym Facilities

Explore our gym – from Cardio Theatre to Weight Room

Did you know you are 14x more likely to meet your physical activity requirements when you join a gym?

It makes sense, right. When you first sign up, the plan is to hit the equipment a few times a week and get some decent results. The reality, it becomes a second home: as you become more invested in your results, and healthy living sneaks into your whole lifestyle.

Our gym is focused in two areas: the Cardio Theatre and the Weight Room. Both areas are staffed if you have any questions, and are responsible for keeping things safe, clean and maintained. Both areas are air conditioned, and open whenever the Centre is open. Connected to the gym are lockers, toilets, changerooms, and a water fountain.

Oh, and crank your own tunes with the digital music player. From Robbie Williams to Billie Eilish – whatever gets you motivated – let your personal playlist fly.

Current COVID-19 safety guidelines

  • Stay away if unwell
  • No towel, no train
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Use the sanitising stations on entry and exit
  • Please ensure you sanitise equipment before and after use

Opening Hours

Public Holidays7.00am–5.45pm

The Cardio Theatre

The room has been fitted with large TV Screens and a full range of fitness equipment including:

  • 4 rowers
  • 2 recumbent bikes
  • 4 cross trainers
  • 1 stair master
  • 6 stationary bikes
  • 2 steppers
  • 2 vertical climbers
  • 12 nautilus treadmills – with incline, high speed, and coldown function

It also has a separate space for stretching, and is the home of our private 3D Body Scan room, included in your membership.

The Weight Room

The Weight Room is a welcoming space with all our equipment for starting your strength training:

  • 2 cable machines with multiple attachments
  • Multiple bench press
  • Squat rack
  • Deadlift platform
  • Assisted and unassisted dip and pull ups
  • Multiple benches
  • Multiple bars
  • Smith machine
  • Plate loaded leg-press
  • Weight racks – 1kg - 50kg

Join as a member

Join local Adelaideans – from retirees to mums and dads – all reaching towards the same goal: to get fit and stay healthy.

You will get a free induction when you join, with ongoing support from our friendly and qualified staff.

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(or give us a call on 8203 7665)

Your membership also includes free access to the pools and our Sauna and Steam Room. If you're only visiting as a one-off, refer to Pricing for regular entry prices.