Over 50s Fitness

It's never too late to get stronger and healthier

As you get older, the body starts to slow down. It may be health problems, weight, or pain issues, or worries about falling (it happens to the best of us). You think that exercising simply isn’t for you.

While these may seem good reasons to slow down, they're an even better reason to get moving.

A recent Swedish study found that physical activity was the number one contributor to longevity. It adds extra years to your life – even if you don’t start until your senior years. 

Exercise has been shown to:

  • Help you maintain or lose weight
  • Reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease
  • Enhance mobility, flexibility, and balance
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost mood and self-confidence
  • Do amazing things for the brain

Which are all important to living a long and happy life.

That’s why our Strength For Life is so great for your health.

Strength for Life is a strength program for people over 50. But it’s so much more.

  • It’s functional – using everyday movements to strengthen your body
  • It’s progressive – with the difficulty rising as you improve
  • It’s personal – with a program tailored to your skills

Using simple weight and cardio techniques in our gym, our certified trainer (and two-time COTA SA Instructor of Year) will give you a personal program for you to follow.

Moreover, it’s fun and it brings people together. But getting active is not just about adding years to your life, it’s about adding life to your years.

In Strength for Life, you’ll join a community of like-minded people.

These people are all working towards their goal of being stronger and healthier in their later years. And the results speak for themselves. Here’s some great feedback we’ve had over the years). 

“I wasn’t a flexible person. Within 6 months I could not only touch my toes but run!"

– Participant

“I am more supple, thinner, flexibility has improved, and talking with other participants helps me mentally and emotionally.”

– Participant

“After a stroke, I had real balance problems. Now, I can now easily walk upstairs, and I have better flexibility."

– Participant

"I don’t get as tired now when playing golf – I have better stamina. Best thing I have done for years, come twice a week – good stuff.”

– Participant

“Back is stronger, I’ve travelled recently and no problems.”

– Participant

“I am stronger – I have a heart condition and my cardiologist is very happy with the improvement.”

– Participant

Joining is as easy as 1–2–3

Classes are free for members, and only $7 for non-members. 

Download an Enrolment Form and your Pre-activity Checklist.

The forms will indicate whether you also need a doctors referral. If so, you can download a Medical Referral Form.

Send all documents to [email protected]

If you'd like some help, submit an enquiry below and our team will be in touch. Likewise, forms can also be picked up and filled out at the Centre.

Enquire now

(or give us a call on 8203 7665)

You will get a one-on-one appointment with a qualified instructor to prepare you for the program. 

There is a initial assessment cost of $30 to allow us to give you personal attention and guidance.

Pick a time and day that works with your schedule to get started.


When you arrive, wear comfortable clothes to exercise and soft-sole shoes (sneakers or walking shoes are best). You should bring a towel and a bottle of water, to stay fresh and hydrated.

Make sure you register soon – we have nearly 200 members and only a limited amount of sessions. Everyone deserves personal feedback, so once they're gone, they're gone.

PS: As you grow older, an active lifestyle becomes more important than ever to your health. Don't delay – start today.

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(or give us a call on 8203 7665)