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If your life is anything like ours – it can be hard to keep track of everything going on. That's why we've made it simple for you to stay on top of all your Swim School commitments. Download a copy of your child's lesson plan, or stay up to date on their skills using the information below.

Download your child's lesson schedule

We have Swim School lessons all throughout the week.

Download a copy of the current swim school timetable to make it easy to keep track of your child's upcoming lessons. We look forward to seeing your child at their next class.

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Track your child's progress with the SwimDesk Online Portal

SwimDesk gives you easy to access information to track your child's Swim School progress in real time, and to get personalised feedback on their skills.

The SwimDesk Portal will give you access to:

  • A summary of your child's class, skill level, and teacher
  • Track and monitor your child’s progression
  • Understand the requirements to progress to the next level
  • Receive feedback from the Teacher in Charge following assessments

To get started with SwimDesk, you need your log-in details. These are sent to you in a welcome email when you enrol. If you need help, see our Instructor in Charge at your next lesson.

Or if you're already signed up, log-on now.


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