Level One of the Swim School for Babies program.

There are three levels in our Swim School for Babies

The first two involve both you and your child. The third is a move into independent lessons – where they learn to swim without you in the pool. This is the first of the sessions with you and your baby.

In Starfish, your child will learn important skills to:

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  • Float on their back
  • Be comfortable under water
  • Gain confidence in water
  • Grow their social skills

Once your child has mastered these skills, they move into Seahorse.

Fun Facts about Starfish

Starfish, despite their misleading name, are not actually fish! Since they don’t have a backbone, they are echinoderms, which are marine invertebrates (without a backbone).

In South Australia, Starfish can usually be found in shallow water and rocky areas just below sea level like tide pools.

Their arms are covered with pincer-like organs and suckers that allow them to slowly creep along the ocean floor.

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