Corporate Boot Camps

The fun and healthy way to unlock your company's most valuable asset: it's people.

Did you know, research has shown that people who exercise on work days suffer less stress, feel happier and are more productive?

Most businesses are now catching on the trend.

Healthy team building exercises give your team the opportunity to interact outside the usual office environment and blow off some steam together from the daily grind.

So revitalise your office with a corporate boot camp.

Now – first up – excuse the name. Yes, it's a boot camp. But this isn't a military drill, we have no sargeants barking orders. Our boot camps are a lot of fun.

With exercises and challenges tailored for all fitness levels, your team spends time with a certified personal trainer indoors and outdoors, here at the Centre.

Each session is unique and lasts about an hour – and runs weekly for 1, 2, or 3 months.

At a boot camp, your team will discover:

  • How to talk to one another again
  • How to work together to achieve goals
  • To trust each other and lead with confidence
  • The secrets to unlocking that last pocket of energy

As well as get some balance to their stressful lives.

“Great motivation to exercise. It sounds cheesy but it is a fun session whilst still getting an awesome workout. It is also great to meet other faces from around the business”.

– Participant, Fulton Hogan

“A great program that challenges you and make you work hard! I have more energy and highly recommend it for anyone that wants to improve their health, fitness or general wellbeing."

Participant, Fulton Hogan

Join a host of local companies already feeling the benefits

Lock in a corporate boot camp for your team today – and we'll throw in a free Fit 3D Body Scan Analysis for everyone who joins – to give them personal and confidential stats on their own body. 

PS: Did you know that employees in workplace fitness programs are more loyal and miss less work? Lock in your team and get started.

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