Level Six of the Swim School for Kids program.

There are seven levels in our Swim School for Kids

As your child's skills grow, they move through the ranks, tackling bigger and better challenges, and growing their confidence in the water.

In Sharks, your child will learn important skills to:

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  • Swim 200m freestyle with correct turns and finishes under 5 minutes
  • Swim 100m backstroke with correct turns and finishes
  • Swim 100m breaststroke with correct turns and finishes and underwater work
  • Swim 25m butterfly without fins
  • Swim 100m Individual Medley
  • Perform 100m clothed swim
  • Perform 5 minute safety swim
  • Explore timed swimming
  • Explore competitive swimming skills

Once your child has mastered these skills, they move into Orcas.

Fun Facts about Sharks

You can spot sharks along most of SA’s metropolitan beaches.

Sharks are a type of fish called elasmobranchii.

They swim by propelling themselves through the water using their tail, the fins are only used for balance. A shark must keep swimming, or it will sink.

Sharks can swim up to 60 km per hour.

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