Squids is the third level of the Swim School for Babies program.

There are three levels in our Swim School for Babies

The first two involve both you and your child. The third is a move into independent lessons – where they learn to swim without you in the pool. 

This is the first and final level of independent swimming in the Swim School for Babies program.

In Squids, your child will learn important skills to:

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  • Push and glide 3m with a kickboard without swimming aids
  • Kick 3m on front and back with kickboard and without assistance
  • Submerge their head to collect sinkers from the bottom of pool
  • Blow bigger and better bubbles for breathing
  • Float for longer than ever before
  • Explore a mix of depths to make them safe and comfortable
  • Get in and out of the pool safely without assistance
  • Roll from front to back and swim back to edge after falling in

Once your child has mastered these skills, they move into Turtles, the first level of the Swim School for Kids program.

Fun Facts about Squids

Squid can be found all around South Australia, mainly in depths of 50–200 metres, particularly around jetties.

They use fins located on their heads to propel themselves when swimming at low speeds.

To move quickly, squid take water in and push it out in great force to propel themselves through the deep waters swimming tail first – they can travel at speeds of 40 km per hour.

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