Conditions of entry

Make your visit safe and fun

Welcome to Adelaide Aquatic Centre. Please keep in mind the following COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Please do not attend the centre if you are unwell
  • Maintain 1.5 metres distance between others
  • Please wash hands thoroughly and use sanitising stations

To make sure everyone has a good time, there are a few other rules you must follow when visiting Adelaide Aquatic Centre.

Here's a quick Top 5:

swim signage
  1. Keep yourself safe – no drugs, no alcohol, no dangerous activities
  2. Be respectful and tolerant of others, their space, and privacy
  3. Look out for your friends and family (especially kids) around the water.
  4. Follow the signs and instructions from our team
  5. You may be asked to leave if you don't follow the rules

We've listed the legal-ese below, which covers some of the finer details. When in doubt, those full rules apply.

If you have any questions, or you want something clarified, have a chat to our staff.

Full Conditions of Entry

The AAC staff reserve the right to at its discretion refuse entry or remove any person not respecting the conditions of entry and associated AAC staff direction.

  1. Any persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted into the AAC, and no drugs or alcohol are to be brought into the AAC.
  2. Takeaway food purchased outside the AAC is not permitted (excluding homemade food).
  3. AAC is a “Smoke Free” venue. The entire venue as well as undercover areas outside and within 7 metres of entrances to the Centre are “Smoke Free”.
  4. AAC is a family friendly venue and any abusive, disruptive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.
  5. Anyone attempting to gain entry without paying, or without authorisation will be evicted and banned from the AAC. SAPOL may be called. Please see below for Eviction details.
  6. Please familiarise yourself with the signs with warnings, rules and instructions placed around the AAC. You and any dependents under your care must comply with the warning, rules and instructions on the signs and follow any directions given to you by AAC staff.
  7. You must take reasonable care for your own safety and the safety of any dependents in your care. AAC staff will follow procedure in the event of any accident or incident. If this requires professional medical assistance or an ambulance to be called, you will be responsible for these associated costs.
  8. AAC supports the WATCH AROUND WATER program and follows their guidelines:
    1. Children under 10 years are not allowed entry unless under active supervision of a person 16 years or older.
    2. Parents or guardians should actively supervise their children at all times. As such, they should be dressed ready for action, including unexpected entry to a pool.
    3. A parent or guardian must accompany his/her children between 0–5 years in the water at all times, and must remain within arm’s reach of the child. It is best if you are engaging with your child e.g. playing with them, talking to them, touching them.
    4. For children 6–10 years a parent or guardian should be close enough to make eye contact with the child and be constantly watching them.
  9. Clean and appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times while swimming (no street wear, t-shirts, shirts, jeans, underwear etc. allowed)
  10. Management welcomes the capturing of your magic moments on cameras and video cameras, however, the privacy of others must be respected. The use of cameras and video cameras is conditional upon the following:
    1. You must have all relevant individuals’ consent to take and use images
    2. Under no circumstances are cameras, video cameras and mobile phones to be used in the change rooms.
  11. There are inherent risks that arise from the facilities, your use of the facilities, your participation in any program and your presence at the AAC. You enter the AAC at your own risk. To the extent permitted by law, the City of Adelaide and the AAC and any of its officers, employees and contractors accept no liability of whatever description for any property damage, loss, injury or death which may occur at the AAC. To the full extent permitted by law, you release and discharge us from all liabilities and claims arising out of your use of the AAC facilities.
  12. You are responsible for all your belongings that you bring into the AAC and, to the extent permitted by law, the City of Adelaide and the AAC accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of belongings.
  13. For the purposes of patron and staff safety, AAC uses CCTV and alarm security surveillance systems. We reserve the right to use these images for security purposes related to the AAC, and as such, you may be monitored or captured on CCTV footage.
  14. We reserve the right to authorise AAC staff or other representatives, agents or contractors to take photographs and videos of patrons from time to time, including you or any minors in your care or under your supervision, for marketing or promotional purposes without prior notice to you, payment to you or express consent from you. By entering and using the facilities you are deemed to consent to such photos or video footage being taken, unless you inform our staff members otherwise.
  15. Exclusive use of a service, or part of a service, by an individual, association or organisation is prohibited unless agreed to in writing by management. Exclusive use will be determined by management as any activity that would reasonably exclude another member of the public from actively utilising the service in an equitable manner. For the removal of doubt this includes pre-organised groups such as sporting clubs occupying single or multiple lanes in a pool without a hire agreement in place.


The rules and policies of this facility are put in place to ensure the comfort and safety or all customers. AAC management reserves the right to:

  • Remove customers who disobey the Conditions of Entry, refuse to follow the direction of staff or who display inappropriate or anti-social behaviour.
  • In the case of serious offences or criminal activity, law enforcement agencies will be notified. Management reserves the right to refuse entry in the future
  • Before anyone is evicted or banned from AAC, staff will ensure that the individual is heard and has been provided with an explanation of why the eviction/ banning will be implemented
  • If entry is refused for a period of time the person effected has a right to appeal. This needs to be done in writing to management addressing the reasons why the exclusion period has been incorrectly managed. Management will undertake a review of the process and provide an outcome to the effected person in writing.