6 Ways Yoga Will Make You A Better Swimmer


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May 13 2019

Yoga has exploded it popularity over the last few years. Not only is it great for the body, it is also great for your mind. But did you know that it can also help your swimming?

That’s right, yoga comes with a slew of great benefits that will help turn you into the next Ian Thorpe (or, at the very least, whittle down your PB). And it’s super easy to get started. All you need is some empty space and a basic yoga mat, and you’re set.

Here are 6 ways that yoga will make you swim better.

1. Yoga Makes You More Flexible

It’s time to get bendy! Yoga is known for it’s shapeshifting style, and it’s guaranteed to make you more flexible.

Yoga poses, and yoga stretches, are designed to increase your range of motion and lengthening out your muscles. This is done by releasing all tension held in your body’s muscle. This makes you more flexible.

This flexibility is key to improving your swimming. For example, more flexible ankles will increase the water catchment and thrust of your kick. The same is true for loosening up those hamstrings. And improving flexibility in your shoulders better your stroke, and along you to catch more water as you swim.

The combo of these flexible body parts aligns to make your body more efficient in the water. 

2. Yoga Improves Your Balance

Your body is like a scale, ever teeter-tottering on its centre of gravity. To get the most efficiency from your body, you need to ensure that you’re balanced to take on the day.

This is where yoga comes in handy. Yoga is a great way of improving the coordination of your muscles. In fact, yoga classes will increase your strength and stability, which are key to balancing out your new-found flexibility.

When you’re in the water, this coordination delivers stronger strokes and less drag. This is because the body is working in harmony, from toes to fingertips.

This will make you a more effective swimmer.

3. Yoga Makes You Stronger

It’s a common myth that you need to be a weightlifting gym bro glugging down protein shakes to get strong. Yoga helps strengthen your core muscles by using your own body weight against you..

The right yoga routine will stretch out and build your muscles. You’ll also develop your muscles in a balanced way. And you’ll see this translate in the pool.

By strengthening your whole body, you’ll move quicker through the water. And the coordination of your muscles working together will see your smashing your old records.

4. Toga Focuses Your Mind

Yoga is not just for your body. It’s also for your brain. 

A good yoga routine will increase your endorphins and help release built-up stress. Combined with meditation, you’re all set to deflate a stressed head.

This is useful when you swim. Swimming requires coordination of the mind and body. The best way to do this is with a body scan. Check in on the different parts of your body, starting at the head and working your way down. 

And if you’re a competitor, yoga is a great way to get out all those pent-up nerves before you hit the water. This will make you a calmer and more effective swimmer across the board.

5. Yoga Helps You Breathe

But you already know how to breathe right? Maybe!

Yoga is known to improve breathe control.  It forces you to keep your form when you inhale and exhale, and guides you towards being aware of your muscles and their extensions.

This is key for swimming. By breathing well, your extended muscles produce a longer and stronger stroke and kick. It also means you’ll get more oxygen pumping the blood while you move.

By using good breath control, you’ll be a more efficient swimmer, and better use your resources to your advantage.

6. Yoga Keeps You Healthy

Yoga keeps you safe! It helps you stay flexible and strong, and this reduces the chance of injury.

When you swim, your body repeats the same actions over and over. This can make muscles tight and knotted. A good yoga routine will mix up the muscles, and make them stronger, preparing you against injury.

With a stronger body, you’ll be a stronger swimmer. 


Yoga can be used as a key part of any swimming routine. By introducing yoga, you offer your body the best chance to build up its balance, flexibility, and strength. This will make you a better swimmer when you dive into the deep.

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