5 Reasons Children Should Learn to Swim


For many parents the idea of donning a swimsuit and jumping into a swimming pool with their offspring can be a somewhat daunting task.  For mums in particular, but certainly dads and grandparents too, that two metre walk from the cover of your towel to the pools edge can be just too much to contemplate. 

But here’s why, as our children’s carers, we should all throw that towel on the bench, puff our chests out and take our little ones into the pool like a champion.

The sad truth…

Between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015, 271 people drowned in Australian waters. Children under five are the age group that is most at risk of drowning and the majority occur in and around the home, most commonly in home swimming pools.

These statistics are a confronting reminder for parents to be vigilant by remembering a number of simple guidelines:

  • Active adult supervision around water
  • Making sure home pools are properly fenced
  • Taking children to water familiarisation classes and swimming lessons

The good bits…

5 reasons your children should learn to swim:

  • Lessons provide your kids with confidence, which is great for self-esteem
  • Your child will learn about water safety in and around water
  • Swimming is a great way to exercise
  • Earlier development of physical skills including hand-eye coordination and muscle tone
  • Enhances social and personal skills

Swimming lessons are also extremely beneficial for children over the age of five as it enhances their knowledge of safety around water as well furthering their skills and stroke development. 

The good news too is that generally from the age of about three, the parents and carers don’t need to get in the pool. Until then, be the champion that puts your child’s safety first and jump in that pool!

Classes are currently available for the Adelaide Aquatic Centre Learn to Swim program, which includes classes for babies 6 months and older, toddlers and juniors and run every day during the school term. Intensive learn to swim programs are also available during school holidays. 

Perhaps you would like to feel more confident in and around the water, the Swim School also offers adult learn to swim classes at various times throughout the week.

Find out more about swim school classes.