5 Ways Bath Time Can Prepare Your Baby For Swimming

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Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in life. But with a new baby comes the added responsibility of keeping them safe.

After all, little tykes are a curious bunch. And it’s only a matter of time before they start to make their way towards the water. Yes, South Australian life by the beaches certainly makes it easy.

But there’s lots you can do to keep them safe. And it can start right at home.

Those precious moments you share in the bath can be a fast-track to having a confident young swimmer.

Here’s a few tricks to guide your child around the water – using the family bath tub (or your water vessel of choice) to get you there.

1. Get them used to the water

Face it – for your young child, everything is new. This includes the water. For fresh eyes, H2O is H-2-woah!

Bath time gives them a gentle way to get used to the water and feel it against their skin. With enough time, you’ll have your own little dolphin, set to enjoy a life time of water fun.

2. Practice their splashing and coordination

Put a few towels down for this one! Splashing lets your child control the water and practice their fine motor skills. This will come in handy when it comes to swimming later down the line.

Splashing is also a fun way for them to feel safe in the water and learn how it all works. That way, they won’t be surprised the deeper they go.

3. Feel water against their head and hair

Lots of young kids struggle with putting their head and hair under. For some, this can be a scary experience – others, something entirely new for them.

Gently using a cloth to dab their forehead, or cupping your hands with water for a light drizzle, will get them accustom to the feeling. This will have them braving the water later in life.

4. Be safe with all their favourite toys

The bath tub is the perfect place for all their friends (looking at you Mr. Duck!). A few floating toys, jugs, beakers, or boats are a nice way to ease your child into enjoying the water.

By associating their toys with the water, they will pair good feelings with swimming when you eventually get them into their classes.

5. Experience the dry-off after the tub

Because we reckon the hard part of swimming is getting out. By helping them dry-off, you’re already starting a process that they will finish themselves as they get old.

Plus, a nice fluffy towel will give all those warm and fuzzy feelings and give you a chance to bond.

So while your tiny one may be too young for full-on lessons, you can help them prepare for the day they hit the water. And if you want any more advice for getting your child water safe, have a chat with our team at the centre. We love getting kids excited about the water.