6 Winter Workout Motivation Tips


While the temperatures are low, our instincts tell us to rug up and hibernate. The problem is, life must go on, and your workout regime is no different. To help you endure the season, we’ve put together 6 tips for keeping motivated during winter. 

1. Take advantage of indoor environments 

In terms of fitness, winter is a season that lends itself to excuses – most of which have something to do with it being wet or cold out. To avoid giving in to this mentality, take advantage of the Aquatic Centre’s indoor full facility access.  You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the workout while barely having to deal with the cold.

2. Get the gear 

Gone are the days where you can rock up to the gym wearing your daggy clothes.

Having proper winter workout gear will keep you warm and make it easier to face the mid-year freeze. Although, it’s not just about the warmth – if you’ve kit yourself out with new workout equipment, you’ll be encouraged to suit-up and take on even the toughest of fitness challenges. Obviously, try to find a happy medium with your budget – don’t feel the need to blow the bank, just make sure you like it and it does the job. 

3. Make it social

Find a gym buddy! You’ll not only enjoy the experience more but you’ll also keep each other on the fitness track – after all you don’t want to let down your friends. 

4. Work towards something 

Whether it’s running a marathon or just fine tuning that bod for summer, set a goal and work towards it. A good goal can do wonders for motivation! You want to make sure it’s realistic but still a challenge. If it’s too easy you’ll achieve it too soon, if it’s too hard it’ll feel impossible and make you feel like giving up. 

5. Try something new

Doing something new is exciting and will keep you engaged, ensuring you don’t backtrack due to boredom. At the Fitness Centre, we often recommend making use of our pools to change things up a little bit.

6. Hire a trainer

Personal trainers are the masters of motivation, so winter is the ideal time to consider one. If you’re looking for a PT, our team will help you articulate your goals, develop a plan, and keep the experience interesting and challenging.