Adults Learning To Swim – 4 Myths Busted!

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Following the recent spate of adult drownings over the holiday period, we thought this would be a good time to bust a few of the myths potentially holding people back from learning to swim.

Myth 2: I’ll be safe if I just avoid water.

Fact: While water avoidance might seem like a good plan, many drownings occur when people never even intended to be in the water. Imagine seeing a young child in distress in the water, your first instinct would be to jump in and help, whether you can swim or not. A better plan is to learn to swim, and let’s face it, water is a big part of Australian life.

Myth 3: Swimming lessons are just for children.

Fact: Sadly and perhaps surprisingly, the largest number of drowning deaths in Australia occurred last year among people aged between 25-44 years old*, so swimming lessons are definitely not just for kids. Embarrassment about the lack of skill and a fear of getting in the water with a group of strangers may be common barriers, but certainly ones worth overcoming. There is no age limit for adults learning to swim!

Myth 3: The first step to learning to swim is swimming lessons – that’s too scary!

Fact: There are other ways to build your confidence in the water if you don’t want to jump straight into lessons. Keep your head above water and take a low-impact aqua fitness class held in the shallow end of the pool. This can be a really effective way to become less fearful of water and transition into swimming lessons.

Myth 4: Even if I do take swimming lessons, after that I’ll be on my own.

Fact: You don’t need to do just one course of lessons. Keep taking lessons as long as you need them, either in a group session or on your own. Think of the swimming instructors as your ‘aquatic personal trainers’.

Adult swimming classes are held at Adelaide Aquatic Centre throughout the week.

* Royal Lifesaving Australia – National Drowning Report