Pool Work-outs: Why They’re A Smart Exercise Choice

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With summer in full swing it’s the perfect time to hit the pool and slot a few aquatic activities into your fitness schedule.

As well as adding spice to a land-based exercise program, pool workouts are low or no-impact. The water’s buoyancy supports your body weight, reducing stress on joints and the back - so for seniors, pregnant women or people rehabilitating from injury - they’re a top option.

Not sure where to start with your water-based exercises? Here’s a guide to your best options, depending on your goals.

Age is no barrier

A Hydroblast-shallow water class is a great one for seniors dipping their toe in the water for the first time. Easy on the body, this low-impact work-out uses simple moves that combine cardio, fat burning and total body toning. Arthritis sufferers will appreciate the easy-grip foam-handled dumb bells available at every class and these sessions are an easy way to make new friends.

Baby on board

Some pregnant women find their joints seize up or they suffer back pain and swelling through fluid retention. The low-impact nature of water exercise again ensures these issues aren’t aggravated. Other women find they can overheat when exercising during pregnancy, but that’s not likely to be a problem when you’re working out in the pool.

Bridging the gap

If you’re recovering from a sporting injury like a joint issue, sprain or strain - an aqua class can be the perfect transition between physio treatment and returning to a normal training program. Again, the low-impact nature of the exercises means you don’t apply extra pressure on the injured area and can safely build strength and muscle.

Turn it up a notch

As you get stronger and build confidence in the water, there are higher octane aqua classes to try. Hydro H.I.I.T is an energetic 45min shallow water workout combining cardio, boxing, boot camp and interval moves using the water as resistance. Low body impact but results can be impressive.

If you want to build strength and lung power, try our Hydro Conditioning high intensity cross-training and recovery program. It mixes land-based structural strengthening exercises with deep water running circuits with an aqua belt and underwater sprints. Not for novices, but one to aim for.

Go solo

Group activities not your thing? Many people find swimming laps great for meditation and the physical benefits are terrific. Along with building heart and lung endurance, it strengthens postural muscles and stretches hamstrings/hip flexes - just the ticket if you spend most days behind a desk!

Laps are best done over 50m or 25m to build rhythm and both options are available at various times in the Adelaide Aquatic Centre main pool*. If you’re a competent swimmer, start by aiming to hit 500m or 1km then build on those numbers over time (maybe one extra lap a week) or try and decrease your time for the same distance.


An Adelaide Aquatic Centre membership gives you gym use as well as access to a bunch of pool group classes, suitable for people of all ages and abilities - plus, you don’t need to be Kyle Chalmers. Classes are done standing up in the shallow end or at the deep end wearing an aqua (buoyancy) belt. Either way, your head can stay above water. Our pools are also kept at 27°C, so they’re refreshing, not freezing!

Find out all the benefits of our current gym and swim membership and start splashing, not sweating, this summer.