The Surprising Benefits of the Humble Swim Cap


One of the joys of swimming is that you don’t need a lot of stuff to get started. There’re no bats, no balls, no racquets, no crazy bits and pieces (looking at you cross-fit!). 
But there are a few essential items – and one that often gets overlooked is the humble swim cap. 

Yes, those few inches of silicon are not only a neon-themed throwback to the days of Olivia Newton John. Nor a placebo to make you look like an Olympic swimming god (now how do we get that instant 6-pack?).

The swim cap is a simple, yet vital, piece of technology to help you power through your swimming. Here's a few benefits you may have overlooked when you passed it on the rack on your way to the water.

It's a chemical safety vest

The pool and chlorine are a perfect pair. If the pool were the Bachelor, chlorine would get the rose. And ever-present with chlorine is the smell. Trust us – we know.

But there is no reason it needs to end up all through your hair. A swim cap will help keep your hair dry and free from the chemicals that keep your water clean.

If you've got that natural bounce, you'll keep it. And if there's a hardcore perm hiding under there, a tight seal will keep it dry.

Because, side note, if Legally Blonde has taught us anything... the first rule of perm maintenance that you're forbidden to wet your hair for at least 24 hours after getting a perm at the risk of deactivating the immonium thygocolate.

If you've had hair issues with swimming before – don a swim cap. Feel the difference.

It streamlines your stroke

Think of the swim cap as a morph suit that's dedicated to the head. Or like speed holes, its there to make you go faster.

The swim cap makes you more aerodynamic – aqua-dynamic? Hydromatic? Greased Lightnin' – when you move through the water.

It works by tucking away all those loose strands of hair that wisp into your face as you power through the water. Yes, no more ponytails or Princess Leia buns – the swim cap keeps your 'do in place.

Also, pro tip, it also keeps your hair from tangling like loose headphones in handbag. Plus, it stops the dreaded 'rubber goggles in hair' syndrome (urgh!). 

Keeps you alive

Never thought you’d hear that a swim cap is your own personal superhero, right? 

There’s a reason we like ours bright and neon – it helps us stand out. And not in a ‘Condragulations, you have won this week’s fashion challenge’ episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race kind of way. 

A bright swim cap makes you more visible when swimming in the ocean or in deep water. And if we’re ever in a situation that looks like its panning out to be a recreation of the movie ‘Open Water’, we want someone to find us ASAP!


So when you go for your next swim, don’t forget about the humble swim cap. It may help you smash out a new PB, keep you looking good on your next date night, and save your life. Pick up yours from our range at the Swim Shop.