The Unexpected Ways Your Local Pool Keeps You Social

Family Lifestyle

You know that swimming can make you stronger, faster, healthier. But what is often overlooked is the surprising social benefits.

“But swimming is the most solo of all sports”, I hear you ask. “It’s me, alone, in the water, by myself. How can it be social?”

Let’s dive in and take a quick look at how you – no matter what stage of life you’re in – can use your local Adelaide Aquatic Centre to socialise.

Babies, Toddlers, and Tiny Tots

For many little ones, the pool is their first experience of such a huge amount of water. After all, it’s a little more controlled than the sandy shores of wild Australian beaches. 

Because of this, the pool is a great place for new mums and dads to catch up and spend time with your little ones. Especially if there’s older kids in the mix.

And don’t forget about baby swim classes. These classes use songs, games, and water toys to encourage your new child to be playful with others. They also give you the chance to bond with your little one, while introducing them to the water.

All About the Kids

As your child grows, swim classes become a necessity. After all, being by the water is a part of growing up in South Australia – so it’s important to know how to swim.

Our small local swim classes help your child make new friends while learning new skills. It also gives them another chance to deal with adults in a structured environment outside of school. These classes help develop key social skills. This includes listening, working with others, and being considerate of others. 

It’s also the age of pool parties and BBQs – fostering links with family and friends and having lots of fun.

The Teens

The teens bring with it great opportunities to make swimming social. And indeed, this is where ‘Swimming is a Solo Sport’ meets its demise.

As a teenager, your child is the perfect age to lock in for the swimming Squad or sign them to the list for a local swim club. These groups let your child work towards a goal with others, revel in their successes (and failures), and build lifelong friendship.

On top of this are the studies that show that swimmers have better social skills than teens in other sports. This includes less aggressive behaviour, and much lower rates of bullying. The studies also show lower rates of drinking, drugs and smoking – compared to non-swimmers. As swimming fosters hard work and discipline, these feed through all parts of life.

Adults (and Beyond)

With endless iPhone notifications and email reminders – we sometimes forget to take a moment for ourselves.

Swimming is a great way to remove the stress of everyday life. By de-stressing, we improve our relationships. It can also help improve concentration, and lower anxiety.

“But what if the very thought of swimming fills me with terror?”

We know not everyone learnt to swim growing up. And that’s ok. If you would like to cross that hurdle, Adelaide Aquatic Centre has classes to help you conquer your fear and learn to love the water. These small classes will have you learn with other adults facing the same problem, and let you tackle it head on together.

So join us here at Adelaide Aquatic Centre – and get social, today!