Tips to Keeping Festive Fit: Staying Healthy Over the Holidays


The festive season has hit and that means a month of serious socialising ahead!

Whether it’s a work Christmas party or sharing a weekend BBQ with family and friends - this is the time for tucking into scrummy summer spreads and indulging in a glass or two of festive cheer.

So can you get amongst all the festive fun and still maintain a healthy lifestyle over Christmas?

Of course you can!

Try these tips to help you sail your way through the ‘Silly Season’ with a spring in your step and energy to see you through to the New Year.

Party Prep

  • Eat a healthy snack and drink some water before you head out. You won’t arrive hungry or thirsty and you’ll be less likely to load up on high calorie canapes.
  • Keep moving! Parties are for mingling, so get walking and work that room. Dancing is excellent exercise too so, if the tunes are flowing – hit that floor and bust a move!
  • Whether it’s a walk through the Adelaide Park Lands, a session with your personal trainer or a gym class – do your workout in the morning or squeeze it in pre-party. That way, you can hit the snooze button guilt-free the next day.

Festive Functions

  • Swap the fizz for something fruity! Fill your flute with OJ instead of bubbles – or mix it with soda water if you still want a little sparkle.
  • Bring a plate! If you’re off to a friend’s house - take control of what you eat by bringing a healthy option to contribute to the table. Your host will love you!

Easy Exercise Ideas

  • Workout with the kids! Little ones love it when you watch them at play, but they’re even happier when you join in the fun. Get active with the kids these school holidays with a game of backyard cricket, a flick of the Frisbee or take the troops to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre for a splash in the pool!
  • Hit the Mall! Just doing your Christmas shopping is a great way to get in some exercise. Think about it - you’re working-out while you’re walking and those shopping bags are weights in disguise! 

Finally, December is the perfect time to start planning your fitness goals for the New Year and having a gym membership in place could be a great start!

If you’d like to try your hand at something a little different – check out a fun new group class like yoga or boxfit this month – both are available to Adelaide Aquatic Centre members!

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