Try these Tips to Jump-Start your Exercise Program


Been working out for a while now, but struggling to see any changes? 

Maybe your current program gave you a good run of early success, but now the results have slowed. You may have hit a fitness plateau where your body has efficiently adapted to the challenges you originally set it.

Bodies are clever like that. When we place demands on them they work hard not to fail. If they do, they adapt so they can eventually succeed.

Problem is, if you don’t change up your demands once in a while, you’ll stop seeing improvement.

The solution is simple. Mix up your exercise program regularly to keep your body guessing. Here are a few easy ideas to get you going:

Make a re-set date

For best results, your workout should really change every 4-6 weeks. Set a regular reminder in your phone calendar or diary to review your gym program or class choices. A few adjustments each time will add variety and keep you motivated. 

Weigh up the options

Mix up your weights by changing to slightly heavier ones or using free weights. Also, think about performing more sets and reps to build up endurance.

Put your heart into it

If you have a gym membership and use cardio equipment think about adding in variety and raising the bar a little. Crank up the incline on the treadmill. Increase the difficulty on the cross trainer by raising the resistance level. On the exercise bike, up your RPM (revolutions per minute) or add in 4 x 30 second sprints.

Change it up

You may have certain fitness classes you can’t live without but once in a while, throw in something new. The Adelaide Aquatic Centre offers over 17 group classes. Here’s some you could try:

  • Body Bar - barbell resistance training at different tempos - a top cross training option.
  • Metafit - a high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) style class focused on boosting strength, energy levels and getting quick results.
  • Yoga-lates - combining the best of yoga and Pilates
  • DrumFit - an all-round work-out with dynamic movements. High-energy, low-impact, noisy and a lot of fun!

Go Backward to Go Forward

Confused? All we mean is, try doing your regular workout in reverse. Warm up and cool down as usual but maybe save your sprints till last or do your abs throughout the workout - or at the end.

Take a different route

If walking, jogging or riding outdoors is your thing, change up your route occasionally or even reverse it. Simple, but effective!

If you want fitness options, a gym and pool membership at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre will give you access to a huge range of classes and equipment! See you there!